Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Feeling anxious

Out on the tidal Thames today.  Even though rain was forecast and it did rain through the whole journey there was very little wind thank goodness!
10 past 8 and were ready to rock n roll leaving Teddington at half past eight, half an hour before high tide
Dead on 8:30 the gates open, a narrowboat exits and we make our way in
8:40, the gates open 

... and we're off

Passing Eel Pie Island, Twickenham

.. and Ham House the Star and Garter on the Petersham/Richmond side of the Thames
{edited 23/3 thanks Mike}

Yet another eyesore, it's such a pity people have to live like this, surely it can't be safe.
Approaching Richmond Bridge
Then Richmond Railway Bridge, Twickenham Road Bridge and Richmond Lock Bridge

Richmond Lock not needed two hours either side of high water

Syon House not far from where we turn off the Thames ...

... just in front of those buildings

We're looking for the stainless steel sculpture and we can see it here just behind the tree on the left

We need to stay wide ...

and wait for the Port of London Authority (PLA) vessel to pass

... and we're to make the turn across the current
... and away we go
... safely into the Lock cut exactly 45 minutes after setting off from Teddington
We had to wait around for 10 minutes or so for the lock keeper to arrive
Through the lock and we've moored on the wall on the Brentford side of Thames Lock until tomorrow
We have spent the afternoon relaxing, watching and listening to the heavy rain although now the sun is shining.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the families of those who have died in the attack in London Westminster this afternoon and all those who were caught up in the attack.


Mike Todd said...

Is that not the Star and Garter Home - on top of the hill? (Pic 5) Ham House is nearer to river level I believe. No longer used as the services home but converted four or five years ago to luxury apartments, I believe.

Carol said...
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