Sunday, 3 April 2016

Walking ...

The temperature today didn’t quite reach its zenith of 18-degrees c and it was rather overcast here in Rickmansworth.
 We headed off down Troy Cut, lots of water here
 Past the sailing club lake
 Lovely big furry golden pussy-willow
 Mimas (Ovaltine Boat) winner of the Ken Keay Award for wooden narrowboats in 2010

 Not much left of this one though!

A big boat being re-planked (if that’s the correct expression)

The boats are ‘in water’ but they must have been craned in.

The only information I could find on the Troy Trust is company information, nothing about the repair of wooden boats.
Tom Kitten, Debbie and Phil’s narrowboat who we met on Friday and follow the blog
 Arriving back at our mooring
 … home!
 Smokey old engines passing as we sit on the stern deck with a drink

A very good afternoon!


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Now today get yourselves up to the Old Orchard!

Carol said...

Sorry Marilyn it’s not going to happen this time, the forecast hasn’t been good and it’s rain all day today and tomorrow we’re moving on north. Will make a note to do that walk on our way back south in early May. xx