Thursday, 14 April 2016

All done!

A walk through Hemel Hempstead town centre yesterday afternoon to the old town and the dentist by way of the local park
 The formal area was jam-packed with hyacinths and the powerful heady scent was overwhelming. 

We both had our annual check-ups, mine was clear and George had a filling done, so that’s that for another 12-months.  This morning I had my GP appointment re ?high Cholesterol and have the all clear, no statins needed just drink more water and take more exercise!

So it’s time to move on.  Tomorrow (Friday) is rain, rain and more rain, so Saturday it is!

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Chas and Ann said...

Hi you two, Apparently oats are good to keep the Cholesterol down. We have porridge every other day. Plan to get back on board next week. Regards Chas n Ann