Thursday, 21 April 2016

Moving on again

After a very pleasant evening with our son and brunch yesterday morning, the weather was so nice we decided that we’d make a start on what would have been our journey today. We need to be in Uxbridge early Saturday morning when Still Rockin’ comes out of the water to be blacked.
It’s just after midday and I’m waiting (in short sleeves) for the first lock of the day at Cassiobury.  I need to do a Tesco shop at Rickmansworth to stock up the cupboards as we’ll be too busy blacking next week for me to be away from the boat for any length of time.

The journey was uneventful although all the locks were against us but it was a really good day and it’s taken at least three hours off our proposed cruising for today.
We moored just through bridge 174, not a brilliant mooring as there is a ledge just below the waterline but it’s only for the one night.  Bury Lake is just behind the hedgerow so we went with Molly for a bit of a wander...
 … a nice end to a busy day
8-pm from the galley window … a big moon tonight.

It wasn’t until I was getting ready for bed that I noticed the sun has caught my arms and chest, I hadn’t realised it was that hot as I was walking to set the locks.  The weather this morning is rather cloudy so I don’t think it will top-up the tan today though!


Unknown said...

Hi Carol, Hillingdon Canal Club is next door to the boat centre and they have a St Georges day BBQ on or Saturday night.
The Commodore is Mike Armitage who will be doing the bar - you are more than welcome to go and join them :)

Carol said...

Thank you Julie, we may just pop our heads around the door for a drink, will you be there?

Julie/Mike said...

No, grandma duties 😊. Mike is my partner. Enjoy and hope the blacking goes well 😊