Thursday, 13 March 2014

Good news and not so good news!

You may remember reading a recent blog on nb Rock ’n’ Roll - No use crying over spilt milk! Well, we’ve got the laptop back from Apple today!

George had taken it to the Apple shop in Birmingham on Tuesday and was so pleased to see that when the power lead was plugged in the light came on - a good start to the investigation.  The cost of a new MacBook Pro is about £2,200 so we are hoping for good news. 

Although it’s always been backed up regularly I’d got some rather special photos on the hard drive and had also updated the financial records of the build of wb Still Rockin’ since it was last done, so I was rather desperate to have at lease the hard drive accessed.

A message from Apple late yesterday evening told us that it was fixed and ready to collect - at a cost of - wait for it .......... £661!!!!!!

Still a lot less than a new one and the insurance claim will go in asap!

More good news is that Molly’s back (see previous posting) is very much better but as she was getting out of the caravan the other day  she caught her front paw in the frame of the door and unbeknown to me it had torn one of her claws right off - what I did see though was that she caught her rear leg in one of the holes in the caravan steps outside and when she started to walk off she was limping.  I picked her up and put her back into the caravan where we realised that her front paw was bleeding quite profusely.  So she’s still on the Metakam and doesn’t want to walk more than just a few steps to do her business and back home again.  She’s really going through the wars just now, let’s hope that from now on there’ll be no more accidents!


Sue said...

Oh poor Molly.. and poor you. That is a lot of money for a repair. You didn't say if your photos and other documents were saved? It would be worth all that if they were. Time to buy an external hard drive eh?

Sandi said...

Hi, glad you've got your laptop up and running and not costing too much...!! But I'm so sorry to hear that Molly is still in the wars! I hope she is feeling a bit better soon, the poor love. Give her a big hug from me.
Love to you all, Sandra. xxx

Carol said...

Thanks Sue,
It was a lot of money but still only about a quarter of the cost of a new one, and yes! the hard drive was not damaged so I got my photos and documents back thank goodness! George backs-up to an external hard drive regularly, but I’d put quite a bit on the computer before the next back-up was due - perhaps it’s time to do that more frequently though.

Carol said...

Hi Sandra,
I feel so much better having my laptop back, the mini-mac is ok but a bit of a palaver setting it up on the telly. Molly is okay she’s letting us know how far she wants to walk so that’s ok with us. Will give her that big hug when she decides she wants to get off our bed snuggled into the blanket! Take care of yourself, love you too.