Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Build days 92 and 93

A big job completed yesterday ...
… a total of 7.63 tonnes of brick laid as ballast by the fair hands of Stuart, Pete and George, started at 8am and finished and home by 2:30pm - they did a tremendous job being that they were all 'suffering' from man-flu!

Today the battening was fixed to the cabin ceiling and then it was a measuring day … where will the panels fit above the gunwales and on the ceiling?  

Cum'on George, pay attention … that's 2 double switches to here, not 3!
Not a lot to do at the moment until the spray foam has gone in on Thursday.  In the meantime we'll order the light switches, the insulation for under the floor and look for LED spotlights online.


Sue said...

Good to get inside!

Interestingly Bedazzled have some new led lights that don't need switches. You just touch them and they come on!

I saw them working when we called in there on our way to visit Matilda Rose as I needed a couple of replacements for the galley.

You might find somewhere where that would be handy?


Carol said...

Hi Sue, we'll probably be using Bedazzled for our lights and are seriously thinking of taking some time out and visiting them to see their products and get all the information we need to make the right choices.