Friday, 31 January 2014

Build day 64

 It’s in!
The engine is coupled up to the prop shaft via the gear box, the black pipe is for the hot air extraction from the engine to the outside and the silver one is the exhaust pipe. An MLS FP100 fuel filter has also been fitted and can be seen just to the right of the black piping.
 That’s a beast of a silencer!
 Exhaust pipe is coupled to the hospital silencer and the stern greaser tube and tap is connected (just for the non-boaters - this goes to the stern gland and prevents ingress of water - the grease is forced into the tube via the tap after every cruise)
Centre above the weed-hatch access is the hydraulic ram for the steering and the two pipes on the left are fuel stop-cocks.

The heart of Still Rockin is almost there!


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Are you not having something like a Python Drive on the propshaft after going to all that trouble for a quiet engine installation

Carol said...

Hi Brian,
George says, knowing Steve Lambon the prop shaft will be perfectly alighned so we shouldn’t need a python drive.

Sue said...

Two weeks away and I am on catch up night tonight and WOW so much done for you. I didn't know that.. I thought everyone had some sort of aquadrive in case of any slight movement of the engine on its mountings. See I keep on learning!

Gosh it will be all hands to the inside soon and the whole thing will really start to come together.. I bet you cant wait! xx

Mac & Jacquie Court said...

Hi Carol

Just read your build blog from start to finish, what a great job Steve has done, I can't believe the speed of the build. At least when the fuel tank has filled for the first time you shouldn't have to fill it again until same time next year. We look forward to reading the rest of this part of your continuing adventure.

Love Mac, Jac and Duggie

Carol said...

Hi Sue and Vic,

Welcome back to the cut after what looked like a super holiday.

Still Rockin has come to a sort of hiatus at the moment waiting for the primer paint to dry and last minute engine bits to arrive. Hopefully Stuart (Barn Owl Boats) and George will be able to mask the boat up to put the undercoat on the roof this week for the cream. Then we can book the paint shop for the rest in blue. Then another waiting period while the ballast, foam insulation and electrical loom goes in.

The the fun will start ... and no Sue, I can’t wait!

Carol said...

Hi both, Yes it’s certainly taken shape quickly so far, I just hope that the painting and fit-out is just as quick!