Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Build day 62

 The engine has been moved closer to Still Rockin’s engine bay.  George and Steve Lambon look quite delighted!
George has taken the serial numbers from the belts so that he can order spares from MotorFactors in Rugeley as they are so much cheaper than directly from Beta.
 A very nice piece of bling!
 First coat of bitchumen has been applied ... even in the bow thruster tube and 10 sacrificial anodes have been fitted.
Looking good!


Sandi said...

Hi all. Still Rockin is coming on really good, the lovely new engine, the shiny steering wheel, the "bling" and the sacrificial anodes (although I haven't a clue what they are!!). What will the final colour scheme be, I'm sure you told me but I've forgotten! Oh and I've just seen the doors on the back. Great. Can't wait to see it all done. Hope you are all well, Love you Sandra. xxxx

Carol said...

Hi Sandra, the sacrificial anodes (I tend to call the adenoids!) are used to help to prolong the hull’s steel structure whilst in the water as they help to prevent rust and are changed every so often when they’re worn. The colour scheme will be the same as Rock n Roll - 'cus we like it, but there’ll be go faster stripes on it. I can’t wait for them to start the fitting out inside - then I’ll be in my element!!! Love you too. xx

Paul and El said...

Its going to be so much fun to drive, powerful engine, hydraulic steering and a proper rudder, it will be a blast, much better than hanging on to a tiller!

Sandi said...

Go faster stripes.......I like!! Xxx

Carol said...

'Twill indeed!