Thursday, 9 January 2014

Build day 43

 The bow now has the fender fixings ...
... and doors with windows.
 The rear deck also has doors and the gas locker has a hinged lid ...
 ... Geoff will be pleased to see that it also has a bottom vent!
 The middle locker on the rear deck gives easy access to the hydraulic steering piston and dividers have been welded at the sides to stop items stored on either side from disappearing down the hole!
 George checking out the propellor shaft
 Two locker doors have been cut out ... and just as we were leaving a parcel arrived ...
 ... with six beautiful stainless steel ’T’ bars.  I just love the shiny bits!



Hi Carol

Have to say George isn't looking very happy stood next to his gas locker. Is he worried that you'll put him in there when he's been naughty?

Keep the posts coming as it's great to see the progress of the build.

Bye for now,

Keith and Nicky

Carol said...

Hi you two,
Lovely to hear from you both. Yes he does look rather serious, thanks for the idea as to where to put him if he’s not behaving himself, I shall bear that in mind, thinking about it there’s plenty of room in that engine bay too! We’re really pleased with the build it’s progressing at a great rate and the workmanship is second to none.

Are you back on Badger Sett now? Take care of yourselves. x

Carol said...

Me again, should have read your blog before replying to your comment! Good luck with those locks - stay warm!