Tuesday, 19 August 2014

To new waters

Well, what’s happened to summer? Instead of my shorts (not that short) and a skimpy top I’ve taken to wearing my jeans, and socks, and today a jumper and as I write this I’ve put a cardigan on too!  I wonder if summer will return?
 We left our mooring before 7 this morning and cruised a couple of hundred yards to get rid of the rubbish and fill the water tank and then we were on our way, with the warmth on our faces, the sun in our eyes and the chilly morning air on our backs!
 Lots of building going on as we approach Stockley Bridge ...
... and Hanson's gravel wharf.  No sign of barges this trip, but ...
... it was a different picture in September 2009 when we came this way last!

We’ve cruised past the sweet smelling Nestle factory ...

... and under the mainline railway bridge ...

... to Bulls Bridge (87.5 miles from our starting point at Braunston in June.

Every other time we’ve been this way we’ve turned left here onto the Paddington Arm into London, but not today!

There’s lots of space today at the moorings by Tesco but we didn’t stop ... onto new waters for us 

The Grand Junction pub at Harlesden

Looks as if this was once a business selling fuel and coal but is now a repository for CRT maintenance vessels

We were moored up near bridge 203 by 10am ...

... and will make our way down the 6 miles and 12 locks tomorrow to Brentford and the Thames Lock ...

... and onto the river on Thursday ... at last!


  1. The bit between Bull's Bridge and Brentford is the only bit of the GU main line that we haven't done. But we'll be putting that right next month! When we've gone up to the end of the Slough Arm to turn around, we'll have done all the arms off the GU too!

    1. Hope to see you both when you’ve sorted the arms and are cruising the river!


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