Saturday, 2 August 2014

Moored at Cowroast

We decided not to move yesterday and to catch up on some zeds after our busy couple of weeks with visitors and early morning starts ...
... so we’ve slept and dined at the Cowroast Inn, slept and today while the rain bucketed down George has been busy re-painting the bilge as it had received some harsh wear and tear during the engine fit and weather earlier in the year before the deck boards were down.

Also moored at Cowroast ...
 Cyprus built at Yarwoods in 1935 ...
... and FMC butty Hampton built in 1912 alongside Owl built in 1928
Saw this interesting notice at the sanitary station here - the 3rd bullet point states ‘make sure your bicycle has a valid permit’ This intrigued me - do cycles need permits nowadays?
I asked Google and came up with this ... 

Cycling permit abolished on canals

(This would have been in 2012.)

We are definitely moving on tomorrow so another early start to get us through the numerous locks Berkhamstead to Hemel and a bit closer to the Thames. 

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