Friday, 22 August 2014

... and relax!

10 past 9 a late start for us as the EA guys start working on Teddington Weir ...

... and looking back as we leave, at least two of these boats arrived last night in the dark for today’s tide

Passing a very long line of continual moorers who use the facilities that they don’t pay for

Kingston railway bridge under wraps

‘Waterview’ homes!
 Looking back at the Georgian Kingston Bridge completed in 1828 replacing an earlier wooden structure (click here for more information)

 Plenty of rowers out and about today passing to and fro across the bow
 A ‘Lego’ boat

We’re hoping this flotilla has just left the mooring ...

... coo, loads of space!
One of our favouritist places - Hampton Court
 Notice on the wall of the entrance into the court, not seen this before.

Looking forward to our weekend here relaxing and lots of walks to do and interesting things to see.  If the forecast holds (rain Monday and Tuesday) we’ll move back a short distance off the pay-as-you-stay moorings to sit out the bad weather.

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Unknown said...

I used to own Lady Emlin back in the late 90s til around 2003, she was Moored at Pyrford Marina and was burgundy over white. We totally refurbished her to get her through the BSS and loved her to bits. I'm so sad to see her looking so down at heel.