Thursday, 14 August 2014


The weather early this morning wasn’t quite what was forecast but as soon as the heavy rain stopped about 7-am we set off.  We’ve cruised though a few very light showers but nothing to write home about ... until this afternoon that is!
 An unusual weir/overflow ...
 ... on the approach to ...
(not sure this link is correct as it doesn’t look that big/posh from the canal - anyone confirm?)
 love the artwork!
 A rather nice property just below the lock with a deterrent to visitors!
 Wide Water Lock with its rather sad looking lock house although I did peep over the wall and there’s a lovely well kept garden below.
 A very smokey exhaust on this rather new boat

I remember this marina from the last time we came this way in 2011 but don’t know what it’s called, it is at least a mile long ... (Harefield Marina - thanks Kath and Adam)

... and there’s a notice (middle right of the photo) informing that HS2 will pass through here - never, I hope

The large lakes of the Colne Valley are evident through the trees ...

... on both sides of the canal
The nine arch railway viaduct is the current rail route

Denham Deep lock’s cottage is now a teashop ...

... with what I think is the river Colne passing underneath the canal
 We’re currently moored just down there
 This is where nb No Problem had its new skin tank fitted just 12 months ago (11th Aug)

 The very pleasant view from the rear deck ... before the rain came ...
... the thunder storm only lasted about 5-minutes; the noise on the roof was deafening!

 The view down the roof!!

We shall probably stay here for a day or two as we’ve ordered some BETA spares (fan belts etc) from The Marine Engineering Services at Uxbridge Wharf which have not yet arrived and we certainly don’t want to be on the Thames without them.


  1. Harefield Marina, looks nice doesn't it. Hs2 would ruin it!
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Thanks for that Kath. The marina looked a bit run down in places but I suppose if HS2 does happen (and I sincerely hope it doesn’t) the owners are probably very reluctant to do any improvements at the moment.

  2. Gosh, thanks for the reminder guys! Yes all history now as we cruise away with not a care in the world.. :-D

    I wonder if the cruiser with the new engine has just had a Canaline, Engines Plus engine fitted!... Hey! :)

    1. Hi Sue, yes they were exactly our thoughts too! Glad everything is ok for you now. We should be on the Thames next week so perhaps we’ll see you both. In the meantime look after each other. xx

  3. Where are you heading? We will be in Packet Boat Marina tomorrow and leaving the boat there on Sunday for a couple of week. Would be nice to meet up if our paths can cross.

    NB Mary H

    1. Hi Linda, we’re currently at Denham Deep but are coming towards the Slough Arm today. W’ere calling in at Uxbridge Boats for spares and fuel, then visiting the sanitary station at Cowley. Not sure what the mooring situation is by the Packet marina but will look out for you.

    2. Hi Carol. We are now in Packet Boat Marina. Where did you end up?

    3. Hi, we’re moored just above bridge 190 on the towpath. We walked past the marina an hour or so ago and saw you in there but the gate was locked when we tried to come and find you. Would you and Richard like to come for a glass or two this evening?

  4. We used to moor our old boat at Harefield Marina, many moons ago - it was a bit run down then and hasn't improved any over the years.
    Pip & Rog xxx

    1. Hi Pip, good to hear from you! As we were passing that marina it did occur to us that it may be an idea for a winter mooring - what do you think - would they take a wide beam?

  5. I thought they might have bought Sue's old engine second hand!
    Glad you've settled down with her so well Carol xx

    1. Exactly what we thought Jill! xx


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