Friday, 29 August 2014

The Wonderful Thames!

9am Wednesday morning leaving ...

Hampton Court ...

... and approaching Hampton Court Bridge ...

... and Molesey Lock, that’s me doing my fair share!

The start of a long line of interesting house boats ...

... and Hampton Church in a lovely leafy setting

 The much photographed Dave Gilmore's boat but not the man himself!
 Very nice!

We’re going to the right of Platt’s Eyot today where between 1948-45 170 torpedo boats were built by Thorneycrofts ...

... and there are still boats being built and renovated here today

... and knot gardens

To the left of Sunbury Island ...

... with its beautiful chalets ...

... and what looks to be a rather grander building behind them

Sunbury Lock  with one narrowboat waiting for us ...

... and us waiting for another one to come in

After all the heavy rain we’ve had Monday and Tuesday the river is rather fresh.  We’d let the two narrowboats out of the lock before us and watched as they both had their sterns dragged over towards the weir by the strong current.

This barge gave no indication what-so-ever before turning across our bow into Shepperton Marina!

 This suspension bridge was being built when we came by last, just look at those huge (whatever they’re called) which hold the bridge up! 

These kids were having a great time but I couldn’t help thinking that they shouldn’t be on the roof of the boat, life jackets or not.
 Moored up at Weighbridge for the rest of the day watching the cruisers in and out of Shepperton Lock and trying to dry all the wash loads that I’d put through during today’s cruising.

Yesterday (Thursday) we left Weighbridge at 9 only to be beaten to the lock by the Thames Venturer

Nice house to our left - Sailors Mission Home set. 1802
Chertsey Bridge after which comes ...

Chertsey Lock which was on self-service and busy, so we wait ...

... for this shed/boat to exit.  The guy in pink on the roof is using a large fender to prevent the shed/boat from scraping the side of the lock

The Thames Venturer returning towards Shepperton
Through Penton Hook Lock and we soon see the skyline of Staines

The Swan Hotel always has a lovely show of flowers

Bell Weir Lock the last for today can be seen under the motorway bridge ...

... and who’s that then?

Goodness me it’s Sue and Vic waiting for us!
George and Sue and the galley slave Vic

Lovely views out onto the Thames from here.

It’s so good to meet up with friends again and we ended a great day with a curry round at ours, lots to drink and to talk about.

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