Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Widebeam River Boat Still Rockin' is for sale

I know that for most of my readers this will come as rather a shock, but the time has come to think about what the future holds for us.

Although we love being, living and cruising on the river we also feel the need to be closer to family as we get older ... but we're definitely not old yet!  

Which is why we're taking this big step of putting our lovely boat on the market and starting to look in the Shropshire/Cheshire area to start another adventure where we hope to live close enough to the canals to get frequent boating 'fixes' and the occasional meet-up with our narrowboating friends.

The link to the Apolloduck advert is below ... please share it far and wide for us.


Andy said...

Well that was a shock, but understand your need to be closer to family. She is the best fitted out riverboat I have ever been on if I had the funds I'd snap her up. On a selfish note where am I to get my winter Thames picture fix if not your blog. All the best for the future.

Herbie Neil said...

What ??!!! Shock horror. The waterways won't be the same. Now we won't feel so bad about moving Herbie further from the Thames. Some lucky person's going to get a beautiful boat. You'll be sadly missed but knowing you I'm sure it's all been thought through so we wish you the best. Must try and get in a visit to SR before you go, she won't be up for sale for long

Neil & Kath

Mike Todd said...

Sorry to hear that will be losing your blogs! Hope sale goes well, though.

Jennie said...

Certainly a surprise Carol, but life has its twists and turns and you have had some wonderful years on both your boats. We hope the sale goes smoothly and wish you many happy years wherever you end up. I hope you will pop and see us when we pass your way. The Thames barbecues will be missed! Jennie and Chris xx

Carol said...

Andy, Neil and Kath, Mike and Jennie,

Thank you all for your comments, kind remarks and good wishes. Our decision to live back on the bank was not made lightly but we know that it's the right one. Fingers crossed now that Still Rockin' sells well and we can continue on to our next adventure.

Once settled, hopefully near a canal, please stay in touch, we'd love to see you all.

Paul said...

Sorry ... late to the party!

Wow, didn't see that coming. Who will I 'sandbag' with on the Thames now? Your posts have kept me going over our land based winters as we long for the summer and our migration south to the Thames.

Given this dramatic / traumatic news ... we'll write off your outstanding bar bill. I'm sure you have bigger things to think about :)

It goes without say you'll always be welcome aboard Newlands where ever we are.

On a positive note ... perhaps you'll now stop pinching our mooring spots :)))

All the very best for your new adventures. I'm 100% sure we'll see you again.

FB Newlands

Carol said...

Thanks Paul, I'm getting impatient now and want to get it sold so that we can move on! Any idea when are you two getting back down here? Yes we will see you again. xx

Vallypee said...

Oh my, well, yes, now I understand and it makes sense, but what a big change that will be for you. I feel quite sad, although it sounds as if you two are quite excited about the prospect. I hope the boat sells even in these awful times, so all my very very best, Carol. I'd love to buy it myself. It looks such an ideal home, but I do understand your options are limited with its size and cruising area.