Thursday, 6 February 2020

Getting back to normal ... and 12 months on ...

We've just returned from a short walk (Thursday 6th Feb) and noticed that, at long last, yellow, (stream decreasing) signs have appeared on Hambleden Lock for the reach above (upstream) to Marsh Lock at Henley.  The reach below Hambleden to Hurley Lock is still on red boards (strong stream)  ... so yes, things, river wise are getting back to normal!

But back to Saturday 25th January, when normality started to return ... and I walked the same walk as we've just done ...
The mill stream had fallen below the pontoon which are now no longer rising ...

Looking though the marina's bridge 'ole which a only a couple of weeks or so ago the 'ole was not visible (Here)

I'd not seen the weir 'steps' for quite some time either!
but there was still a strong, strong stream though the weir sluices 
I love this view of Hambleden Mill as I cross the weir

First spring bulbs I'd seen too!
We saw more of the Kingfisher too while the water was high

and on the following Monday we had visitors, Chris and Stanley (fuel boat Merchant) brought us coal in Chris' vehicle and stayed for a cuppa and catch-up.  Stanley was trying to ignore me snapping pictures of him ... he only wanted biscuits! 

So ... what was going on 12 months ago?
there was much excitement ...

We set off on our six-week holiday to Singapore and Australia!

We had such a wonderful time (click just here to look back at the blogs), but I'm very aware that I didn't get to finish posting the blogs ... so from tomorrow I will do my best to revisit my numerous photos and get on with it!

Watch this space!


Vallypee said...

Oh my goodness, is it really a year ago already that you went to Australia!? I can't believe it! I'm glad to hear the water is going down now. What a relief. Little Stanley is oh so cute!

Carol said...

Thanks for your comments Val, always welcome!