Sunday, 9 February 2020

Storm Ciari

Here's hoping that all boaters are safe and sound today all battened down, dry and warm wherever you are.

The wind here at Hambleden Marina has been blowing strong all night and with the rising wind of 55 mph (gusting to 70mph/111kmph) the rain, thunder and lightening has arrived and we've shortened Still Rockin's mooring lines to keep movement to a minimum.  Must remember to loosen them in a couple of days as I'm sure the Thames will be rising again with all the rain forecast today and over the next week.

To all my readers not on boats - stay safe, stay dry and stay indoors if possible.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Thinking about you and all our boating friends during high winds - they can be quite disturbing if you aren't used to them! Coming from Wellington in NZ, we are well used to extremely high winds, but now we have shifted out of the city, I notice that my tolerance has diminished for some reason.

Stay safe, team,

Carol said...

Thanks Marilyn - we've now come out safely on the other side of the storm. x

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Thought of you and G, and all the other boaters across the cut and the rivers. I hope everyone stayed safe. I cannot speak for mooring on a river in a storm but I found mooring on the cut away from trees actually made me feel safe. I knew the chains wouldn't break and we wouldn't be swept out to sea. There has been so much devastation across the storm's path and death too, to landlubbers. Storms always made me feel grateful to live in a boat instead of a house.

Love Jaq xxx

Carol said...

We know what you mean Jaq, George has always said that we're safer during heavy rain/flooding just because we already live on the water. The devastation seen on the news etc when homes have been flooded time after time must be heartbreaking. I think for me it's possibly because they have no, or very little, control over it all. xx