Monday, 4 November 2019

Settling in at Hambleden

We've certainly been busy since arriving, catching up with household tasks that had been neglected due to the uncertainty of will we, won't we, prior to Thursday last week when we decided that was the day we should move here.

But there has still time to look out of the window and take a couple of bus rides ..

 Friday (1st November) houseboat Gypsy Willow was brought into the mill stream and moored up in front of us ...
and another wide beam arrived too ... the owner wintered here last year too but in a narrowboat
Saturday we went by bus into Henley just two miles away for a few bits and bobs ... lovely autumn colours as we wait at the bus stop
 Sunday (yesterday) the pheasant arrived ... he does make me smile, the way he struts about as if he really does own the place!
and the kingfisher of course, always a welcome sight, perched on the top of the widebeam in the bright light ...

and today ... nearly caught up with all the laundry etc ... need to go into Marlow too ... and we're off for a long weekend and a big party in a couple of days.

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