Wednesday, 27 November 2019

A walk through Marlow in flood ...

Walking through Higgsons Park in Marlow towards the swollen River Thames last Monday (18th) ...
and crossing the little bridge under which usually runs a small stream into the main Thames channel ...
but today looks more like a fully fledged river itself!
Looking to our right we can see that the line of canada geese is usually the edge of the river bank where we would moor Still Rockin' and the footpath is completely under water.
Looking to our left from the wooden bridge is Marlow Bridge and the church, the lock and the weir

Walking along the footpath ...
towards All Saints Church ...

George admiring the splendid Victorian War Memorial Window in the north aisle.

Unusual marble and stone pulpit built in 1863

The organ is Victorian and cost £700 to build originally and £140,000 to restore!
The Lady Chapel
Window dedicated to the Wethered family

Stone font with beautiful spired cover
Walking through the churchyard looking down the Thames past the weir towards the white appartment buildings to the left of Marlow Lock
For more information on Marlow Church see HERE
Seen over the churchyard wall and wonder if this would have been a church building
Parish Offices
We come out of the church grounds onto Ferry Street to see these beautiful buildings opposite.  The one on the right is 'The Old Weir House' and on the left is Marlow Ferry
I couldn't find any clues from the street as to what this building with its fabulous chimneys was or is.  It sits right against the slipway onto the Thames and has a lovely old church-like porch.

The bridge over Marlow Lock's by-wash which leads onto the lock island ...
and the view from that bridge looking upstream with the weir on the left.  How tranquil it looks ... very deceiving!

Afterwards we walked back into town, had very nice lunch at Burghers and caught the bust home ... a good outing!


Nev Wells said...

What a lovely place to visit, great phots. I love churches, not religious but I find them and graveyards very comforting, a sense of time and the need to use it responsibly always comes to me when visiting such places.

Pip and Mick said...

Thank you for the peek inside the church. I think there was a wedding on when we were there in the summer, so we decided not to gate crash the ceremony to look round.

Carol said...

Thanks for your comments Nev. Like you I'm not particularly religious but there is a wonderful sense of peace in some churches which keeps my mind open.

Carol said...

Hi Pip, this is the first time we've managed to get in for a look around too. Good to see you're moving now!

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

I'm an atheist but I really enjoy walking through churches and admiring the planning and creativity of the architecture and the skill in the building and glazing. The beauty and attention to detail are wonderful.

Carol said...

I think I've only come across one church so far in my life that I really didn't like Marilyn and that is Liverpool cathedral which is a 'modern' church built in a not modern style.