Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Clouds ...

On Saturday (16th - Happy Birthday to our son Mark) we took a walk into Henley ... for no particular reason than to get out into the fresh air after both of us have had colds ...
 We've had lots of rain and the ground is soggy as we walk the Thames path
 and the clouds are amazing!

 The walk is just over two miles
 Anyone know anything about clouds?
 There's THIS Met Office website so I think that the higher ones must be Nimbostratus and the lower ones Stratocumulus, if any reader out there knows better I'd love to hear from you, please leave your comments below.

 We've never noticed this slab before denoting the Start Line of the straight course of Henley's Royal Regatta since 1924.  The course being 1 mile and 550 yards / 6980 feet / 2112 metres.
 Approaching Henley

Henley Bridge ... there is usually a water line on the arches to show where high water has been ... today there river is above that line and is running fast.

Our walk took us about an hour; we didn't rush, and arrived just before midday.  We walked over the bridge, had a wander around one of the many antique shops here and then to Smileys Cafe located on the first floor of M&Co's in Bell Street for lunch and then caught the bus home.

It was good to be outside and to stretch our legs.

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