Sunday, 28 October 2018

A beautiful day

There was mist on the Thames at Cookham on Sunday morning

21st October

and it took a couple of hours to clear ...

At midday the sun was out and it was oh so warm  ...

and we went for a walk

The sailing dinghies were testing their helmsmen's skills

and every man and his dog were out walking

Pom-pons of mistletoe adorn the trees
and we came across this memorial and tree planted for the children of Dunblane in 1996 by the children of Cookham

A pretty scene through the railway bridge but we decided that wasn't the way for us today ...
and turned towards the river where it flows through the Odney Club

over the footbridge ...

it's a long walk to the lock where we found we couldn't access the road bridge ...

and had a long walk back again!

The nights are drawing in ... the sun was setting at just 7:15 this evening.

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