Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Dull, damp, drizzle and a departure ...

is what we woke up to at Windsor on Wednesday (17th) 
At 8 o'clock we pulled away from last night's mooring and headed upstream through the bridge
Something was, is, will be going on here on The Brocas at Eton but I can't find any info on the net.
Cheerio Windsor Castle for 2018

We've never seen the Baths Island moorings completely empty before!
Approaching Boveney Lock where we saw a female swan with her brood of eight youngsters serenely swimming up stream.

We stopped to use the services here and I sat on the back deck while George was busy and the swan family came alongside.  As I watched I felt that there was some kind of signal from the adult swan because all eight cygnets took off as one and flew over the weirs with mum still in the water following.  A few minutes later she turned and came back downstream towards Windsor.  

We didn't see the young swans again and assume they'd now departed, flown from the nest as it were.  A wonderful moment.

We weren't going far and were soon moored up again ...

at Dorney for a couple of days.
Sunset on Thursday ... what's that 'dot' in the sky?
It's an airplane coming in to land at Heathrow!

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