Monday, 2 March 2015

Slight change of plan

The forecast for today (Monday) was gusting winds of over 40mph, so we decided it would be preferable to move yesterday in winds of only 30 mph instead!

We were moored below Marsworth lock 37 and the nearest winding hole (turning point) was 3.5 miles and 4 locks away, so instead we (George) reversed Still Rockin’ up the 2 locks ...

… and .75 of a mile where we  filled the water tank at the sanitary station just beyond the bridge and then winded in the Aylsbury Arm junction. 

George took Still Rockin’ up the first few locks and afterwards said that the cruise through the pound (stretch of water between two locks on a canal) by Startops Reservoir was the worst he’d had to do due to the cross wind broadside on the boat!

Molly had been in her usual position on the hatch on top of Still Rockin’ but George just managed to save her from blowing off into the canal, box and all, so she has been demoted to the top of the gas locker!  The non-slip mat that her bed usually sits on blew away I’m afraid, so I apologise in advance if a small rectangular mat gets round a boaters propellor.

 Lots of Gongoozlers about today braving the cold wind.  The lady facing the camera with her daughter (left) and son behind her helped me with the gates of three locks … so thank you very much your help was much appreciated.

The Waterman’s Cottage was probably the home of the canal lengthsman in times gone by.  As the name suggests he would have looked after this particular length of the canal to ensure it stayed in good condition.
 We treated a few to a short trip too!
(don’t forget to visit The Gongoozler’s Rest when you get to Braunston on your canal holiday and say hello to Avril from us on Still Rockin',  good luck)
We dropped our passengers off at Bulbourne and moored up just around the corner, battened down the hatches against the coming wind and rain, brought in everything that could move on the roof … and relax!
And we were rewarded for our efforts today with a lovely sunset over the golden wheat field.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the short trip yesterday. Tim, Amy. Ollie and Reu.

Carol said...

It was lovely to have you all onboard even for such a short time!