Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Molly’s eyes .. update 2

We took Molly to the Vets in Tring again yesterday as we were worried about her lack of vision a few days ago.  It was back in December when we first noticed a problem with her left eye and now things were getting a bit more serious.

Faye (Veterinary Surgeon) is lovely, so gentle and calm with owners as well as their pets.  On our first visit in early February when Faye did the initial pressure test, her left eye, the cloudy one, was 65, and 45 in the right eye; bearing in mind that the normal range is up to 25, hers was very high.  On our second visit after using the eye drops the pressure dropped to 15 in her left and 24 in her right.  

After explaining to Faye yesterday about Molly’s lack of vision and  discomfort she performed the pressure test yet again, it was way up again in her right eye measuring 33 and slightly down in her ring eye at 22. Regarding the continued cloudiness in her eye she wondered if the lens had now become completely detached and had moved to the front of her iris, this would cause the discomfort/pain and lack of vision.

Options were discussed (1) referral to an ophthalmologist to discuss removal or repositioning of the lens and future treatment/outcome to both eyes. (2) removal of the eye hence no more pain but she would obviously be blind on that side. Any operation on the eye will be very expensive, the removal of the eye being the least so.

Molly about five weeks old.

We do not have pet insurance, we’ve had dogs most of our married life and have never felt the need before now although I doubt that with the problems Molly's had from the moment she was born that we could have got any insurance for her anyway.

We’ve got the appointment with the ophthalmologist tomorrow so we’ve hired a car to take us to Hitchen about an hour away from here to discuss our options.  A tense time indeed.


Chas and Ann said...

So sorry to read about Molly. I can understand that it will be a difficult decision you will have to make. Good luck.

Sandi said...

I'll have my fingers crossed for you all! Love Sandra xxx

Naughty-Cal said...

Poor Molly. Hope they can get her feeling more comfortable soon.

Carol said...

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and best wishes. x