Friday, 13 March 2015

Plumping up cushions should have a health warning!

On the 29th January I was plumping up the sofa cushions, holding the cushion in my left hand and doing the plumping with my right when I dropped the cushion and hit the end of my middle finger of my left hand with the full force of my right hand! Ouch!!

The finger swelled up immediately and soon became black and blue but as we were going out to lunch that day I ignored it hoping that once the swelling and bruising got better the finger would be ok.  As most of our readers know we’ve been a little preoccupied this past three weeks or so and over this time most of the swelling has gone but the finger has become increasingly painful in use I can’t bend the finger to touch the palm of my hand.  So I’ve done something about it.  

I called NHS 111 on Wednesday and spoke with a doctor who was a bit incredulous that I’d not done anything sooner and advised me to visit Hemel Hempstead hospital to check it out. The department at the hospital is not A&E (they go to Watford) but an Urgent Care Centre where I went this morning and saw an A&E Consultant from Watford Hospital.

I have probably chipped a bone on the lower joint but in 6-weeks it’s mended itself so it didn’t show up on the X-rays. He arranged for the finger to be splinted and I’ve got to return in 2-weeks for a followup appointment at the fracture/hand clinic.
I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to manage, I can’t even wash my hands!  


Geoff and Mags said...

George will have to do the washing up! Result! :-)

KevinTOO said...

Oh dear me... how's George going to understand what you
mean when explaining things to him without using 'the finger'... LOL

Sorry Carol but if you didn't laugh.... :)
Seriously though, get well soon xx

Sue said...

Carol, you can not wash your hands!! LOL!

Wear disposable gloves where you can that will help a bit eh?

Carol said...

George usually does the washing up but he’s got a dishwasher now to make his life easier!! Lol !!! x

Carol said...

We keep laughing Kevin!!

Carol said...

Can’t use gloves Sue because two fingers are strapped together. I will try a large freezer bag tied at the wrist with an elastic band … wish me luck. xx

Sandi said...

Oh Carol, what have you done! Hope it mends OK and quickly, and I'm sure George will soon work out your new hand signals! Love Sandra. Xxx

Carol said...

I’m fine Sandra albeit a bit ‘ceggy' handed!! xx