Saturday, 7 March 2015

Molly’s Eyes - update 3

We kept our appointment at the Davies Vet Specialist Centre where we met with opthalmologist Rose Linn-Pearl
 After an extremely thorough examination using lots of state of the art equipment to look through Molly’s eyes to see what was going on there Rose was able to give us her prognosis.  Molly has a luxated lens, glaucoma and optic nerve damage in her right eye and has less vision here than in her left eye, a real surprise to us as we thought the right eye was her ‘best’ one.  Optic nerve damage cannot be reversed.  In Molly’s left eye as well as the luxated lens the ‘gel’ in the anterior section is loose and floating about within the eye.

She explained that the ‘gold standard’ treatment in cases of lens luxation was to remove the lens completely which would give/save some vision albeit distant mainly, there would be some loss of near sight.  The second option would be drops to constrict the pupil to prevent the luxated lens from being able to slip through to the front of the eye. 

We discussed the options thoroughly.  The removal of the lens would not solve all the problems, the optic nerve damage will become worse and the loose ‘gel’ will still float about, apart from the fact that this is a serious operation and cannot guarantee a good outcome every time.

The opthalmolgist recommended that we initially try the drops to constrict the pupil and she inserted them at the end of the consultation, we were to return in an hour’s time to see if they had worked.  She checked the pupils when we returned and they had worked, so that was a great relief.

We are to continue with the Trusopt (anti-glaucoma) drops and commence the Travatan eye drops to keep the pupils small to prevent luxation and have an appointment to return for a check up on Wednesday next week to discuss her further longterm treatment.

I would like to thank you all for the kind comments and best wishes you have expressed to us at this rather troubling time while we sort out our Molly’s eyes.

We were pretty much knackered when we got back to Still Rockin’ and decided that cooking a meal was just too much ...

… so we got back into the car and drove to the Greyhound pub at Wigginton where we had a excellent food, rib-eye for George and a very juicy burger for me!


  1. Sounds like a very stressful day for you all.
    Hope the treatment works well for Molly :)

  2. Well you can do no better than the best. It must be such a difficult time for you both, so many difficult decisions to have to take.. Thinking of you both of course and wishing Molly the best possible outcome.. xx


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