Saturday, 21 March 2015

Leaving Winkwell

 Love is in the air over on the fishing lake
 09:30 looking for an eclipse, no such luck!
Winkwell Swing Bridge swung ...
 Not seen that notice before … Ten-bob eh, that’ll be 50p in new money!
 Passing through!
 Quite a force of water coming into the canal from the River Bulbourne just below the lock
 10:14 and the cloud thins a bit - isn’t nature wonderful!
 Plagued with clouds of midges this morning, for some reason they hang around and annoy me but leave George completely alone!!
 The Fisheries Pub and lock and a handy boaters refuse bin.
Moored up just above lock 64 (above B&Q).  
The weather yesterday became lovely and warm after the sun came out from behind the moon and we sat out on the back deck for a couple of hours relaxing.

It’s surprisingly quiet here, there are people passing but they’re mostly going from here to there and not gongoozling in through the boat windows.  Jules Fuels is coming along on Monday so we’ll move off again once the tank has been filled.


Adam said...

That mooring reminds me of our trip to London last year. I was really pleasantly surprised by the mooring just there -- and there was a cricket match going on opposite in the sunshine, so it seemed really English!

Carol said...

Idyllic Adam!