Wednesday, 6 May 2020

We're on the move!

We had been informed that we would need to move from the Mill Stream here at Hambleden before the craning of the summer mooring boats from the 'hard' (or at Hambleden, the grass!) into the mill and weir streams.  We had been asked to move on when Gypsy Willow (the houseboat moored in front of us) exited the mill stream.  We had discussed what we would do with Marc, one of the directors of the marina and he had agreed to let us stay within the marina complex until the Environment Agency rules re Covid-19 were relaxed and it was safe for us to come out of self isolation.
 Gypsy Willow cruised past us at 20 to 5 yesterday afternoon (Tuesday 5th May).
 We walked over to see where she would be moored for the summer ...
 and because the marina will actually be chock-a-block full after all the cruisers are craned in, we will moor along side her.
 At 5:15 we started to reverse Still Rockin' ...

away from our winter mooring pontoon
 and I wondered if we'd see this little lady at our new berth.
We will certainly miss this view
Past narrowboat Mr Toad's Escape with its delightful etchings ...

 and the winter mooring cruisers, to the main channel of the River Thames
 Looking downstream towards Medmenham, Marlow and Bourne End.
 Going forward now into Hambleden's weir stream ...
 where the crane is ready to start work first thing in the morning

Passing the empty moorings ...

we can see Gypsy Willow ... and the weir

 George took Still Rockin' well past our intended mooring as he would need the space to reverse her into place ... the weir was very close!

A never seen before (by us) view of Hambleden Mill
 Looking at Gypsy Willow from my position at the bow as George manoeuvres SR against the various weir currents to bring her alongside.

 Bow and stern all tied up
Not much of a view out the back unfortunately, but we do get the sun here for most of the day.

We were so relieved at being allowed to stay here pretty much indefinitely as we really didn't know where we could have moved to where we'd be able to receive food deliveries and post.  Our heartfelt thanks go to Marc and Peter here at Hambleden Marina for their help and understanding.


Jennie said...

Great to know that you are safe and well even if the view is not quite so great as it was. xx

Carol said...

Thanks Jennie. x