Monday, 4 May 2020

Sunsets, night sky, ducks and a(nother) bbq ...

 ... in fact pretty much same old, same old in self isolation here at Hambleden Marina.

We've not had visitors and we've not been out but we keep ourselves busy ... especially watching the nature all around us from the deck!
This is sunset at 8pm on Sunday 26th April and ...
  the night sky later at 10pm showing the waxing crescent moon and bright star Venus

Wednesday (29th) we had another family come to see us ... 

mum with five chicks ... adorable!

 8 o'clock the following morning she was sitting in the sunshine with the chicks underneath her wings ... couldn't get that special snap though of the occasional tiny head that peeped out!

7pm that evening after a short, very sharp shower

and she's still sheltering her family.
 Friday (1st May) and our regular female mallard returned having lost all her chicks but with a 'friend' in tow.
 I was cross with myself when I stepped outside at 20 past 8 to take the photo below that I disturbed the good little mum who was sheltering her brood and was also disappointed that she'd only got 3 of her 5 chicks now. 
 May day night sky
 Bezzy Mates! (4th May)
A good way to end a good day ... in his element!

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