Friday, 1 May 2020

BBQ from a different perspective ...

Friday (24th April) was, I think, the last warm, dry. day before the weather changed to much cooler and wet ..

and we took our daily walk again through the bluebells
We're so lucky to be quarantined in such a scenic area
walking home ...
where we saw 'our' duck ... she'd started with nine, then six, and four and today just one ... I'm sorry to say that we've seen her since with none at all ... heartbreaking.
A mallard has left these eggs under the hedge near the gate, she must have been scared off as it can get quite busy just there.
We thought we'd have BBQ number two by the summer house for a change of view ...
and relaxed on the summer house deck on the recliners
from where we could watch the sun set.

We are so lucky.

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