Monday, 23 December 2019

Up to his neck in it ...

 Managed to get a photo of the little Grebe late yesterday afternoon... brilliant!
 My wish for the river to subside a little overnight didn't materialise and today it's even higher ...

as I said in the title ... he's ......

 The longer gangplanks didn't stay dry either, we've now placed a tyre under our own plank (left) to lift it out of the water so that I can get onto dry(ish) land. There is now just an inch between the fire extinguisher box and the water!

This is what its like on the 'other side' of the mill stream here at Hambleden (taken by George)
 Hope no-one needs to get on this boat!

This little boat is for our use in the morning.
We've brought it along our pontoon, lifted it out of the water and turned it over so that it will stay dry inside, then tomorrow we'll use it to carry our bags out to the hire car, dragging it onto the bank to empty it ... got to be better than carrying bags up and down a narrow plank with an opportunity to fall in!

It's apparently going to rain heavily overnight ... oh joy!


Vallypee said...

Oh my word, Carol. This just gets worse, doesn't it? Last time I was here, you were on red boards and nothing's changed. I'm glad you're safe, but it must be a mission to get on land in these conditions.

Carol said...

The red boards first went up around 10th October Val, a long time ago! We are safe enough here as we're not on the main river channel but in a mill stream so the water isn't run so fast here. t's a bit of a novelty getting on dry land at the moment but I'm glad we're away for Christmas as I'm sure the novelty would wear off soon. I just hope the river is in a better mood when we get back.
In the meantime, here's wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year.