Wednesday, 18 December 2019

The past few days ...

Saturday (14th December, my birthday btw) George and I hopped on the bus just a few stops to ...
 Toad Hall (see last post here)
 Looking towards the river as we walk down the drive to the garden centre for some Christmas cheer ... Garden centres these days are apparently classed as 'destinations' since very few visitors visit them for garden supplies ... neither did we!
 big boys toys for little boys

 We spent a very pleasant couple of hours there and had a nice lunch too.  
Our # 1 son made me laugh when I told him where we'd been for my birthday ... "My god mum! A garden centre for your birthday! How old are you! You'll be getting a 'one' slipper next!"
We had a nice relaxing afternoon and then George cooked me one of my favourite meals ... chicken liver risotto ... lovely!
 Sunday it was another bright day but with an icy cold wind blowing a hooley.  The whole of the River Thames is in flood again and red boards are up at all the locks.  On our walk over the weir path we could see that all of the eight sluices were open

 The long(ish) and winding road as we walk
 Guinea fowl reared at the Flower Pot Hotel ... for Christmas lunch perhaps?

 Walking home
 Monday ... the Kingfisher 

 Can you see him?
Tuesday a pre-Christmas meet up with Sue and Vic at the Marlow Donkey in .... Marlow!


Paul said...

(belated) Happy Birthday Carol :))

Garden Centre's .... when we're not living on the boat (booo) we live next to the beautiful town of Stamford. Loads of fabulous pubs and restaurants. But the only place that can do a decent well cooked and actually hot breakfast .... is the garden center !!! You can't get a table there for breakfast or lunch without booking. Bizarre.

Hope you're both safe and well amongst all those red boards!


Carol said...

Thanks for the comment Paul, I've never heard of having to book a table anywhere for a breakfast! It must be a fantastic meal!
We're both safe on rising pontoons although we'll have to deploy a gangplank soon to step from the pontoon onto the squelchy grass!
Wishing you both a very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year. xx