Sunday, 22 December 2019

OMG ...

I thought it was bad yesterday!
 This is the scene we woke up to this morning ...
 We got a longer plank yesterday afternoon but this morning even that one is not long enough!
 It's getting scarily near the electric points!

The bird feeders need to be refilled ... but not today!

The archway of the footbridge is submerged too!
 But the sun is shining today ...
 and according the the weather forecast there will be less rain in the next 3-4 days so perhaps (fingers crossed) the river will subside a little ... if the weirs can cope with the volume that is.

Forgot to post this yesterday ... the heron has a new fishing ground!


Pip and Mick said...

Hope someone has bought you waders for Christmas!

Sue said...

Oh dear, it looks like 'George' is going to drown! He needs rescuing Carol!! 😂

Boatwif said...

Hi Carol,
What dramatic pictures! I hope the water levels recede soon. Is this unprecedentedly high for this time of year?

Stay safe.

Our very best wishes to you both for a happy Christmas and a great New Year.

Sue /Boatwif /nb Cleddau

Carol said...

Thank you Pip, MIck, SueNP and Sue for your comments.

Yes, we could do with some longer wellies at least and 'George' will have to be moved to slightly higher ground I think. I've not checked the levels yet this morning 23rd, it's only 6:15 and still too dark to see!

This is unprecedented Sue Boatwif for us, but not as bad as it would have been in 2014 apparently. It's the highest we've seen in the 4 winters we've spent at Hambleden. We're fortunate to be on rising pontoons so safe enough so far as floating is concerned.

Thanks too for the seasons wishes, and we hope that Christmas is is full of fun for you and hope that 2020 brings all that you wish for.