Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Our Sunday Walk ... and a Wolf Moon

Early afternoon (20th January) ...
a slightly longer walk today ... over the weir bridge
The pollarded willows are coming to life over the mill stream

and there's still plenty of water coming down the Thames even though the river is very low at the moment
over Hambleden Lock
Looking back at the weir bridge and Hambleden Mill

We turned right today, walking towards Henley into the sun ...

for about 1½ miles ...
passing Temple Island

and looking back once again towards the Marina
and in front of us towards Henley 
We turn left here towards Remenham ...

go through the churchyard of the Parish Church of St Nicholas ...
and look over meadows and River Thames to Greenland estate which in 1868 was purchased by the son of WH Smith also named William Henry Smith and is now Henley Business School ...

Catkins in the hedgerows
Stopping half way up the steep hill to get my breath back look at the view once again
Left again here ...

I'm fairly sure that the setting of snares, poison and traps is illegal

Walking along the ridge parallel to the river ...
in the cold but sunny Sunday afternoon was a pleasure.
Lots of sapling trees have been planted here
Surely it's too soon for these young shoots
 Starting down hill now ...
where the shadows are lengthening ...
and we arrive at the Flower Pot Hotel which is part of our usual short walk.

Daffodils and Winter Jasmine bloom in Ferry Lane
as we continue our walk.
These trees are usually full of Red Kites, but not this afternoon.  I wonder where they've gone!
Nearly there now

The water Irises are greening up too

Approaching Hambleden Lock and weir

Have I said before how much we love this place?

First Snowdrops
10 to 3 and the sun is lowering
45 minutes later and I can see the moon rising
This is the first full moon of the year
This year's first full moon (also known as the Wolf Moon after the howling of wolves), is also a Super Moon and furthermore, there was a Total Lunar Eclipse of this moon which would have seen by north and south America and maybe from the northern isles off Scotland.  Click the links above for some interesting information.

A really good day today!

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