Monday, 28 January 2019

It's cold ... and we've no heating!

 Over the past few days we've had some really cold nights and although the days have also been cold, in the main the we've had some sunshine too.

This morning (Sun 27th) was no exception except that the snow has now all gone.  At least once each week when the early morning temperature is supposed to be a bit warmer (around 5/6°c) as per the weather forecast we let the fire go out overnight so that the stove can have a good clean out including the glass in the door.  Last night was one of these nights but the forecast let us down and it was only about 2° outside when we awoke ... to a very cold boat!

The Webasto heating had not come on ... so no heat in the radiators and no hot water ... oh nooooo!

On went the immersion heater and the fire was lit - after I'd cleaned it out that is ...
        ... and George has spent most of the day wiping up all the spilt antifreeze solution from the Webasto and disassembling it.  

Still Rockin' is 4½ years old and this is the second time we've had a problem with the heating system ... the same problem in fact! 

The combustion chamber had developed a split which could only be discerned when heated.  The last time was 18 months ago when George sourced and fitted a replacement chamber.  He'll be on the 'phone tomorrow trying to get hold of yet another one quickly before we go away for six weeks. 
We had a Webasto heating system on our narrowboat Rock 'n' Roll and it never gave us minutes trouble and is still going strong after nearly 12 years.


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Crikey and Brrrrr!!!!

Good thing it occurred before you left for Oz and it's always brill to have a handy man for a spouse.

I am sending love and hot vibes your way. It looks like I flew out of Heathrow just in time to miss the mayhem snow brings to London.

Love Jaq xxx

Nev Wells said...

I feel your pain .... we ( or rather Rachel) woke to a cold cottage this morning, our boiler went into sulk mode and would not start so waiting on an engineer .... at least we have electric and a large wood burner and a couple of hot water bottles !! Hope it gets fixed soon. We’d have decanted to the boat but that is having it’s engine sorted.... at least George seems to have the diagnosis, all I could sort was a small leak but left the rest to ( hopefully) the engineer as and when tthey arrive.

Carol said...

Hope you get cottage and boat sorted soonest Nev. We're using a small panel heater first thing in the morning until the fire kicks back in and an electric blanket at night. Stay warm as you can!

Carol said...

It certainly was Jaq! The new part should be here later today and hopefully fitted and working by the end on the day. Glad that you're settling in now. Love to you. xx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Carol and George,
Make sure you bring a light long sleeved shirt or two each with you to Oz - it is so hot there you will need said shirts to be used in the following fashion:
* run the cold tap over the shirts,
* wring them out but not too firmly - they should still be dripping slightly
* put the shirt on
* feel the bliss of being cool
* repeat when the shirt has dried.
I did this the last couple of years on the boat - on the Avon on the way to and at Pershore, and on the Tardebigge flight. It feels absolutely wonderful - to be honest though, David tried it and didn't like it ...


Carol said...

Might try that Marilyn!