Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Christmas part six

Yesterday, New Year's Eve, we managed to get out and about again ... just as far as Toad Hall, a garden centre on the way into Henley to visit their
 Winter Wonderland
 I bet before Christmas this was heaving
 with excited children and harassed parents!
It really was very pretty.

Back to today ... January 1st 2019 ...

I'm feeling pretty rough this morning, this flu has got the better of me and I'm staying in bed and resting.

Happy New Year!

it has to get better!


Jennie said...

I am so sorry to hear that you are both so poorly, Carole. I do hope you are better soon. Chris, Monty and I wish you and George and very Happy New Year with better health to follow. Take care. Jennie xx

Carol said...

Thanks Jennie, happy new Year to two too. x

Vallypee said...

Oh Carol, it sounds as if you've had it bad. I do hope you'll be fully recovered soon. It's not been much of a Christmas for you, has it? Hoping the rest of 2019 will be good to you!

Carol said...

Thank you Val. We've both still got a way to go yet before we feel well again, but we will survive!

Unknown said...

Happy new year George and Carol. Love Neil and Kim.

Carol said...

Thank you Neil and Kim.