Friday, 26 February 2016

Onto the Paddington Arm

 Another cold morning yesterday, bright but with a chilly breeze as George reverses Still Rockin’ out of our mooring
 … and brings the bow round to enter the bridge onto the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal, it’s been a while since we went this way.
 A perfect turn!
On the other side of the bridge, the house which I would think was perhaps a lengthman’s residence (he would have looked after a  designated length of canal) looks as if it’s getting a refurbishment - good to see it’s not been knocked down.

 We know we’re getting close to Southall visitor moorings when we start to see swans
 … and canada gees and pigeons at a feeding frenzy
 … even though the warning signs are there

I for one, would not stop at these moorings.
 It wasn’t long after that we arrived at our next mooring at Willow Tree open space 
… where we were surprised and pleased that there was space for us and an hour or so later for nb Ferndale too. (by the way Diane makes lovely flatbread as well as scones and welsh cakes!)


Vallypee said...

Th light in the bridge photos is just stunning, Carol. Really beautiful (and no tongue in cheek here -I mean this).

Tom and Jan said...

I remember watching the elderly Indian gentleman throw bread to the swans at that same spot. When the bread was gone he then threw the plastic bag into the cut! :-(

Sue said...

Gosh that is still awful at those moorings. Trouble is they all come with their bread and the wildfowl know that. I remember getting the push bike out and cycling from that mooring of yours down to there, across the bridge on the other side to get a new TV from PC World!

At least the towpaths are cycle friendly not like here on the Coventry. CRT have been using the hedge trimmer all the way through and all the cycles that pass are being pushed.. Blackthorn trimmings stops bikes being ridden!!

Carol said...

Thanks Vallypee.

Carol said...

We didn’t see anyone actually feeding them when we passed but I did a quick survey of the bread packets in the water and the culprits seem to prefer the 50/50 loaf, or it could be just one person of course doing the same thing every day!

Carol said...

There was one boat moored there Sue, but a bit further up from where the birds are fed, it looked as if it’d been there for some time. The blackthorn trimmings also stop the dogs in their tracks too, not good!