Sunday, 21 February 2016

Little Britain Lake

Warm but windy today when we went for a walk
 Comfortable and cute too!
 Just a short walk as George’s knee is playing him up at the moment.  We’ll cross the roving bridge onto the Slough Arm
 Blackthorn/Sloe is starting to blossom - beautiful
 Looking along the Slough Arm from the River Colne Aqueduct 
 Furry Pussy Willow making an appearance as we approach Little Britain
… so named as it vaguely resembles the shape of Great Britain. 
The lake covers 14 acres and was formed as a result of gravel extraction in the 1930’s to provide a safe habitat for wild fowl.
 The lake is aerated, not sure why.
Lovely sign as we reach Packet Boat Lane just a few minutes away from our mooring.  A pleasant walk.

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