Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Slowly does it

We’ve been moored opposite Pixie Farm for eight days and now it’s time to move because our water tank is just about empty, but we’re not going far, it’s too soon yet.
9am yesterday we’re ready to go; the weather is very mild and dull
 … but at least the wide beam on the corner is securely moored this morning, it must have come adrift at lease once a day while we’ve been here

 Someone’s project well worth doing
 Nice surprise at 10:15, the sun made an appearance for at least 20 seconds and then it started to drizzle
 We’d not noticed this before.  We knew of the water point at the garage but not the elsan point in garden of the pub so now we can travel even more slowly.
I’d put a wash load through as we cruised and after using the services we put on the chains opposite the pub and the sun come out to dry the washing under the pram cover on the back.
… and not long after along came Carolyn and Gary who after using the services continued on to moor at Berkhamsted, we caught up with them again later when we walked into town to pick up a few essentials before our Tesco order arrives in the morning.


Herbie Neil said...

For a long time that Elsan point was closed. I thought it was because of the pub complaining. Good to see that it is open.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Carol said...

i Kath, we were most surprised to find it useable as it’s open to the air in the pub garden. There was no hose on the tap inside so George connected a piece of hose and left it there for others to use too. Hopefully it will still be useable next time we pass this way. Regards.