Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Jules Fuels at the Old Mill Berkhamsted

 Molly fast asleep draped over the back of the sofa!
We were pleased to see Jules and Richard yesterday as our fuel tank needed filling (228 ltrs @ 65p) and 6 bags of coal
… to last us until we see them again in January 2016. They’re such a lovely friendly couple and do a great job.

We swapped sides on the canal later in the afternoon and had our evening meal at the Old Mill; lovely food a bit more expensive but worth it once in a while.

The rain as I’m typing this post is hammering down on Still Rockin’s roof.  We’re hoping it stops as forecast later this morning when we’ll move up a couple of locks where the towpath is tarred and dry and the town a little closer so that I can enjoy a browse over the next few days.  Life can be a little dull during the winter months when we don’t cruise so frequently whilst keeping an eye on the weather.

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