Thursday, 10 December 2015

A Motte and Bailey to explore

We started with a walk around the motte-and-bailey between the outer and inner ditches … click on any of the pictures to enlarge
… and then into the bailey ...

 … and a steep climb up to the Keep
 … with good views into the setting sun over Berkhamsted
 It’s amazing that we’re standing on the site of an early Norman castle which was built around 1070 and see the railway line which arrived in Berkhamsted nearly 800 years later
… back down to the bailey again
 A very interesting afternoon walk
Beautiful Blossom as we return to Still Rockin'


Chas and Ann said...

I have always enjoyed picking up so much history when traveling about on the waterways. Enjoy the e card returned. Happy Christmas from Chas n Ann

Carol said...

Just opened the card - thank you very much!