Saturday, 21 November 2015

Calm before yet another storm!

Yesterday here at Apsley on the Grand Union Canal dawned cold, dull but calm.  What a blessing after all the wind and rain we’ve all experienced over the past days.
 … and the reflections were nearly as sharp as the real thing.
 Opposite our mooring
 See the aeroplane in the water?
 … and the upside down pedestrian leaving the bridge?
 Look at that! 2pm and the sun has come out to play, not seen that for a while!
 The Paper Mill public house looks good on a clear night
 7 o’clock this morning and another storm
Wet snow on the rear canopy!
Hope you are all safe and warm wherever you are.


Garry said...

Yes we are, about 36 deg's today xxx

Carol said...

Lucky you! Love to all. 😘

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hey that's my snow! I've been waiting, watching, and hoping for snow and it seems it snowed on everyone else--but us here in Warwick. No doubt Ma Nature will bring us more before this winter ends.
Stay warm and dry!
Love Jaq xxx

Carol said...

Hi Jaq, if the forecasters are right and we have a hard winter you’ll probably be sick of the sight of snow by spring!