Monday, 19 October 2015

The college

Saturday morning the wind had dropped and we decided to move over to the Eton side of the Thames on the Brocas 
within sight of that wonderful castle
We’ve never seen it as shallow as this, it’s a good 12-15” lower than usual and looking down into the water you can see the slope is just a few inches below the current waterline.  We’ve managed to get the bow in but the back is out by about 4-feet.
A wider view of our lovely mooring
In the afternoon George and I with Molly went for a walk through Eton High Street and into the college ground, lots of pictures so not many words!

The weir by Romney Lock

She’s spotted something interesting

The planes fly over approximately one every forty seconds!

In the evening George and I and Molly too went to the Prince George Inn for dinner.  The whole place was buzzing and our meals rib-eye steak for George and roast beef dinner for me were really good. That was the second time we’ve been there to eat and would certainly recommend it.

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