Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hot on the Hanwell Locks

We awoke to rain this morning and had no intention of moving
until it stopped!
… so it was 11:30 when we pulled pins leaving this boat still moored on the water point - idiots!

 … and I’m certain that these boats have been on the moorings for a bit longer than the 24-hour limit.
Southall was at its very worst today, rubbish in the water, on the verges and in the so called gardens - I was disgusted!  George had to visit the weed-hatch to clear the prop on several occasions only for it to be fouled again immediately.

 CRT have a depot just off the canal in what appears to be a disused boat dock.
 Baby coots and one more to go in a nest made mainly from rubbish but what else is there in Southall?

First lock of the day at Norwood where we quickly used the Elsan before starting our descent.  There were volunteer lock keepers on today but unfortunately the one at this lock was on ‘water watch’ so couldn’t accompany us down the Hanwell flight and every one of the following 8 locks was against us - disappointed!
A few weeks ago I wrote to CRT asking them to amend the notices on locks which have to be left empty after use and boaters, instead of just leaving one or both bottom paddles open were leaving the gates open too, although I’m not sure my e-mail has had this effect I was very pleased indeed to see this notice on all the Hanwell Locks.

 Lock 96 has a very pretty and well kept cottage but the view of the old asylum opposite could be better
 CRT maintenance boats moored below lock 96 created a bit of a problem as I exited especially as none of the locks on this flight are in a straight line ...
 … except the last one!
It was 3pm by now and for the past hour or so it became hotter and hotter and we were glad to pull over for the night.
 This coot family has 6 mouths to feed, busy parents!
Looking back from our mooring at the bottom of the Hanwell flight of Locks.
Onwards once again tomorrow!


Sandi said...

You seem to have had a very busy time! What is it they say, it's not the getting there it's the journey! Most probably nothing like that but meh!! Love Sandra. Xx

Carol said...

Hi Sandra, yes I agree it’s the journey that matters. We’ve been this way 3 times before but Southall wasn’t as bad then but it’s still good to be moving. We’ll probably slow down again on the Thames. xx

Chas and Ann said...

So good for us to follow your journey as we stay a while in our marina

Carol said...

Glad you’re both having a change of scene without the hard work. xx