Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Launch at the Coy Carp and moving on

A walk along Troy Cut in the sunshine a few days ago

… to the Troy Wharf Trust - where barge and narrowboat restorations are carried out (click to enlarge)
Later we decided to pay another visit to the Coy Carp and saw what we thought was an unusual sight just outside the pub garden - a small tug being launched.

The whole thing took about 20 minutes and the boat was away!

Yesterday after number one son left we pulled pins and continued on our way down towards the Thames
Waiting at ...
I wonder if the new owners (once it’s sold) will keep this delightful painting?

Opposite Harefield Marina the refurbished pub is now open and doing good business, it used to be called The Horse and Barge, now it’s called The Bear on the Barge!

Just look at the size of this baby Coot’s feet!

I have never yet seen the cafe at Denham Deep Lock open!
We moored just down there on the left and will stay until Wednesday as Tuesday's forecast (today) is for high winds and squally showers.
 Now that’s what you call a wide beam!

It's 14’ wide, is all electric and is a ‘learning boat’ - inside there were individual cooking hobs on tables so perhaps the youngsters were cooking their own lunch today!


Sandi said...

Hi Carol, everything looks very green! How are you all? I'm fed up with all the cold, rain and windy weather just lately!! I saw Marg for 10 mins yesterday at Longton Central Hall yesterday, she doesn't seem too bad, Alan was busy on an allotment. Love to you all. Sandra xxxxx

Carol said...

We’re great thanks Sandra, from the forecast last night I could see that the Midlands are in for some better weather this weekend so perhaps you can get out and about again. Glad you saw Margaret even for such a short time. Love you xx