Friday, 17 July 2015

Into Brentford

A couple of hours after we’d moored up below Hanwell Locks this huge boat came to moor in front of us, his stern is sitting on the bottom so we were hoping that the water didn’t rise during the night or he would have bumped into our bow.  There were 6 or 7 young people on the top who all disappeared as the evening wore on.

We reversed out of our mooring at 9am yesterday passing the boat Maybrent.  You may have noticed the sign proclaiming Puppet Theatre among the jumble on the top; they’re on their way to Richmond for a series of shows click here for more information (their patron is Michael Palin)

Interesting notices as we head towards the first of today’s two locks
CRT could make good use of this dredger through Southall!

The top gates of Osterley Lock (98) needed the two of us to open  because with leaking top gates and water leaking out under the bottom gates it took ages to get a level to enable the top gates to open, George says they were the heaviest gates he’d ever opened or closed!

The lock also had this flood measuring stick but from what I could see there was no water line on it at all to indicate a past flooding.

Passing through two trees hanging well over the water, the one on the right will be in the canal with the next windy day 

We stopped in Clitheroe’s Lock to clear the weed-hatch again only this time it was all this weed, but no sooner had we left the lock it was just as bad once again!
Views ...
… from our mooring
… at Brentford.
We have number one son and family coming to see us tomorrow.

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