Tuesday, 21 July 2015


It was glorious this morning when we first got up, not a cloud in the sky and the River Thames was like a glass sheet ...
… but by 9:30 when we were ready to release the ropes the wind had risen and the water a bit ruffled but we only had a mile and a bit to cruise today
This group of boats passed across our bows from presumably one No Mooring slot to another!

Kingston Railway Bridge is still under construction, we took the right hand archway today

Through the centre arch of Kingston Bridge and we can see a mooring spot that’s just Still Rockin’ size.
A lovely view of Kingston Bridge and waterfront from the deck

We could see this sign from our mooring - to moor by Browns Restaurant it cost £10 from 9am-9pm and another £10 for 9pm-9am - flippin’ ‘eck!

After lunch we walked over the bridge into town

Looking up river at SR just to the right of centre in the photo
 A busy Market Place with wonderful buildings behind

I’ve been trying to find out about this church but so far no luck, I might go and have a better look tomorrow.

Our shopping expedition was fruitful and George came home with fruit on his wrist!  Those who know him will know what he’s got!
We had dinner tonight at a riverside table at Browns where Molly made herself very comfortable under the table with the early evening sunshine on her bum!

… and we had a lovely meal and bottle of wine albeit a bit expensive but it’s not often we splash out!


  1. Well deserved and welcome to the Thames.. Hope to see you soon before we turn off for the Wey

    1. Thanks Sue - when do you think it will be before you get to Wey, we’ve got no plans as yet but the Wey has been mentioned.

  2. It's nice to splash out occasionally, enjoy your trip xxx

    1. Thanks Garry, must call you soon for a catch-up! xx

  3. I wondered where you guys had got to! Unfortunately I'm on a tight schedule so it's mostly travelling and no sight-seeing :-( Moored Egham last night and today at Maidenhead. Saw No problem this morning and enjoyed frantic waving session with Sue! :-)

    John NB Samsara

  4. I bet the wrist furniture has a logo with a bite out of it... Enjoy your belated Thames summer!


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