Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Not far now!

 Ready to move on after a visit to Uxbridge this morning for last minute shopping and a call at Packet Boat services to fill the water tank and get rid of the rubbish

Just after 1pm heading towards the juntion of the Slough Arm

Perhaps they keep a pet horse on this boat?

I’m still trying our my camera on close up wild life but the bee took off!

Approaching the unusual Colham Bridge

We pulled over and let this monster pass us by at Stockley Bridge

Beautiful Buddleia in bloom

This chap is hauling his boat in what he called ‘eco-mode’ because his engine 'blew-up’ up Northampton way but he’s heading north from London!???

 These two pictures are much better

 Irene had kindly suggested that I use the ‘ ulip' icon on my camera for close-ups but I was obviously not using it correctly so I tried various options and these were taken using the ‘food’ setting - good enough for me!

We arrived at Bulls Bridge just after 3 and were surprised and very pleased that there was just one space left, not 15 minutes later it was a different matter with boats arriving from all directions and the empty boat moored on the water point didn’t help either!  It’s quietened down now but the rain seems have set in for while.  It’s the Hanwell flight for us tomorrow - not far now!


  1. Replies
    1. We’ll ring you once we’re on to see where we can meet and cruise together! xx

  2. Nearly on the Thames. We are having a lovely time on the Thames and will certainly come back. Still only at Windsor so you may catch us yet xx

    1. We’ve been sharing your journey with you both and can see that you like the Thames a lot! Hope to see you in the next week or so. xx


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