Sunday, 12 July 2015

Denham Country Park and beyond

We’ve only ever stayed in the moorings below Denham Deep Lock for an overnight stay in the past, but before we left we discovered the park ...
 The Golf Course lake.
The surrounding park land was lovely, lots of fruit trees starting to bear fruit - apples, cherries, plums/damsons etc., quite a bounty for later in the year if you’re passing this way.

We left our mooring at 8:15 on Thursday - lots to do today and there are line upon line of longterm/permanent moorings on this stretch of the Grand Union.  (By-the-way - can anyone teal me what the difference is between longterm and permanent? Can moorers stay forever and never have to move, and if so do they have to pay council tax?)
 Passing through Browns Meadow long term moorings (the tug is the one launched at the Coy Carp last weekend)
 This boat is also on Browns Meadow and it certainly can’t move as it’s far too high and wide to pass under any of the bridges here.
 Uxbridge Boat Centre - we need fuel, gas, oil and water purifier (good to know - if you’re spending money and ask nicely, they’ll let you leave your old oil)
 Next stop (10:45) at Cowley Lock services for water, empty toilets and get rid of the rubbish.

In all our 8 years of continuous cruising we’ve never been lucky enough to have volunteer lock keepers to help us - but today there was not one ...
 … but three
 … to help us through Cowley Lock - thank you!
We finally moored up just north of the Slough Arm and are today waiting (excitedly) for a visit from number one grandson and girlfriend stopping off on their way to holiday in France (can’t wait!)

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