Friday, 20 June 2014

We’re getting there!

Long Buckby Wharf

We had a call from Kinver Canopies this morning to let us know that they were in the area and could call to seal the seams of the back canopy which had leaked during a heavy storm a few weeks ago.

This meant moving on to Buckby Wharf just a few hundred yards away; but George took it all in his stride and brought Still Rockin’ through the bridge and moored perfectly!

Whilst we’re here on the 48-hour moorings we’ll take the opportunity to collect some engineering bricks to use as ballast in the bow while we’ve still got the car.  That will be just about the last time we should need to use the car and it will then be sold.  Qe will have have cut the umbilical cord that prevents us from cruising too far, so there’ll be no more excuses!

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